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Physically and energetically align your body's systems, deeply nourish and naturally detoxify your cells, and transform limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviour.


"More ENERGY will become available to you to heal and maintain your vitality, as you remember who you truly are, and what you are capable of."

Aly Learmonth - Medical Intuitive, Zen Shiatsu Therapist,

Certified EFT Practitioner at Access Your Energy

"FANTASTIC!! I am still relishing in the results of my session"

Rochelle,  Taumarunui, NZ

"My osteopath was quick to spot the difference. 


After this session with Aly, my jaw was back in alignment without slipping out again.  Usually it requires work.


My hips were no longer uneven."

Gail, Picton, NZ

"My thinking has changed. Its not all-consuming now.


My heads in a completely different space!!"

Vic, Glenbrook, NZ

Distance session,

  • Align your body to support healthy nerve function and hormone levels


  • Remove buildup of toxins from your body


  • Clear old trauma that has been trapped in your body


  • Create new improved eating and sleeping habits


  • Teach your body new ways to process emotion and conflict


  • Reprogram negative thoughts about yourself


  • Create lasting noticable change in your circumstances


Just close your eyes, listen and relax....


Your treatments will generally be unique combination of :


  • gentle body alignments to balance energetic pathways particularly relating to the jaw and spine,


  • safely guided techniques using voice and imagery to clear limiting beliefs, transform subconscious programming, integrate the hemispheres of the brain, and strengthen the heart-mind connection......Read more


Private Sessions available at next event:

Thursday 6 Feb -

Sunday 9 Feb 2020


Voices of Sacred Earth


Auckland, New Zealand

More details below

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival
Thursday 6 Feb 2020 10am -
Sunday 9 Feb 5pm.
Kawaipurapura Retreat Centre, Auckland NZ.

Aly Learmonth (Medical Intuitive, Access Your Energy) will be offering personalised energy medicine sessions at Kawaipurapura Retreat, Albany, NZ.

During a 60 min session, Aly offers a unique combination of healing modalities that focus on alignment, detoxing and transformation. Gentle body work is combined with vocal prompting (EFT tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique, sound and light techniques known as the Keys of Ishtar, NLP Neurolinguistic programming).


Bookings recommended by prior arrangement. Please text 021 121 6923.

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