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Frequently asked questions

"Why unlock energy in the body?"

In one months you want something challenging you to have changed?


Lack of energy is the root cause of any illness, disease, or other life challenge. 

If you can access untapped energy in your body, you can use in amazing ways!


  • Heal your body of chronic illness or disease

  • Become pain free

  • Fall in love with your body

  • Feel full of fun, fulfilled, abundant

  • Be a better parent

  • Experience the magic of being who you truly are


It's worth initiating change. 

Decisions keep you moving, no matter how big or small they are. 


Read about Aly's Personal Journey Click Here....

"How does 'Access Your Energy' work?"

The pathways offered by Access Your Energy facilitate change on a DNA level where the body receives information on how to grow, heal, and function.


AccessYourEnergy aims to safely remove the driving forces behind any energy losses and imbalances in the body (including the seen and unseen DNA).  


Imbalances may be driven by:

  • unhealed physical trauma

  • unresolved emotional trauma

  • persistent environmental and relationship stressors

  • trapped toxins.


This is done using a variety of Energy Medicine techniques for changing electromagnetic patterns in and around the body, accessing the ways energy resonates with the body.


These techniques include:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Forensic Healing (Energy/Meridians, Physics, Emotion, and Spirit)

  • Hydration, nutrition and natural detoxification and elimination

  • Organ detoxification programs for parasites and heavy metals

  • Earth energy and breath connection techniques

  • Sound and light healing (Keys of Ishtar/Soul DNA healing)


Rebalancing the body in all the numerous ways that a person obtains vital energy, creates conditions for improved health and wellbeing.


The Access Your Energy pathways have been designed to address a persons needs in the easiest, most effective way in the time available.


"Do you work remotely and in person?"

Yes, if we can't work together at my clinic or an Expo/festival then we will be working remotely, which involves connecting via:


Clients who are local visit me at a Clinic near Tongariro National Park/Mt Ruapehu (NZ).

"What do Access Your Energy sessions cost?"

One payment of $450 buys five sessions of up to 1.5hr each.  A single first session costs $100.  Single sessions thereafter cost $80 to $100 depending on duration. Festivals/Expo rate is usually $80.


Each session usually lasts 1 - 1.5 hrs. Sessions are spaced 5-10 days apart. 


Six or more sessions are offered in packages such as Tune Up Sessions, Step It Up Sessions, and the Ultimate Sessions.  They are 30, 60, or at least 120 days duration,  with a personalised cost starting at $80/session.


Multiple sessions allow for more in-depth work together and include:

  • step-by-step daily plans to address stressors, toxins and trauma,

  • 10-day progress discussions and brainstorming over skype or in person,

  • multiple AccessYourEnergy treatments to address nourishment, alignment, mindset and Soul-DNA,

  • monthly readjustment of plans if required,

  • Suggestions for:

  • supplements,

  • detoxing equipment,

  • self hypnosis and meditation aids,

  • sound activations for DNA,

  • food prep techniques and recipes,

  • superfoods,

  • helpful articles,

  • instructional videos that relate to your situation or goals,

  • Q & A support through health challenges via email,

  • plus more depending on your situation and if you are working on NourishMe, FabulousMe, DetoxMe, and/or PainFreeMe. 


I endeavour to provide clients with the easiest and most effective combination of tools and support systems. 


Payments are made using Paypal  For info about Terms and Conditions Click Here....

"What are the custom programs like?"

Together we can draw up an ideal support program based around the basic pathways that I work with.  You will be guided through a transformation that is unique, that builds up steadily, and that’s created especially for your personal circumstances. 


You will observe noticeable changes straight away.  It is over a number of months, and it changes as you change.  These programs take commitment and courage in the form of time, money, and being honest with yourself. 

"So, you understand health differently than most people?"

Yes!  My family, friends and fellow practitioners know that I have a unique perspective on how energy works in the human body, and how we relate to the systems of nature. 


Being highly sensitive and intuitive means I can usually link a series of insights with verifiable information. My ability to access information from the conscious and subconscious bodies, and work with a person to resource energy for them is unique.  The term used to describe people who develop this skill is 'Medical Intuitive'.

"Why should we work together Aly?"

I promise to do my best to create conditions in and around your body to nurture your body's innate healing ability. 


If you are here at my website, then maybe it's a sign that you are one of the people I can help. 


During our first strategy session, I may refer you to another practitioner I know and trust, if that feels right instead.  However, if we have crossed paths I do know it's for a valuable reason. 

"Do you have a Facebook page?"

Yes they are called "Access Your Energy" and  "Love Me Heal Me - Divine Meditations" Facebook Pages Both offer support and guidance on all matters related to awareness, healing, respect for ourselves and our planet.

"What experience and training do you have?"

Please visit the page about my own journey of healing to understand more about my experience and training. 


I consider my passion to understand the body, and my own life journey so far as my most significant credential.  My training includes Masters Degree in Earth Sciences, BSc Environmental Sciences, Certificate in Outdoor Education, Level II Reiki, Certificate in Shiatsu Therapy (Zen), Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine.


I am currently completing a Diploma in Energy Medicine (Forensic Healing), which uses intuition to test for stressors, toxins and trauma, and the most appropriate healing modality to correct them and re-balance the body.  The Forensic Healing system easily incorporates all of my past training, and allows for my unique techniques and style of energy medicine. I have also been integrating my natural ability as a Medical Intuitive into my training as a certified EFT Master Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques).


My greatest desire is for others to learn to heal themselves as this is the way forward!

"Who do you typically work with, Aly?"

I work with women most often.  However, I do work with adolescents of either gender, and men occasionally too. 


The people who seek me out are open minded and are ready to change things that have been challenging them. 


For Testimonials Click Here....

"Why are some healing modalities effective for some people, but not for others?"

This is such a great question!!


In any given moment we are energising our bodies, with our thoughts, what we eat, how we breathe, how we process emotions, with the quality of our blood, our exposure to the sun, and our ability to access relaxation for example! 


Energy exchanges are endless, flowing, pulsing, in waves, and as vibrations to create our physical and non-physical forms of expression. 


Our amazing human design of seen and un-seen DNA provides a blueprint for us to express our energy, by transforming it from one resource into another.  Energy is a form of communication. 


The way energy is given and received by the human body and the energies that nourish it, can be likened to communication occurring between people in a relationship.  Just like in a relationship, our bodies tend to favour some styles of communication, and these styles tend to be the ones that we are most receptive to, when they are reflected back to us.


There is a wealth of information-communication streaming to/from us in all moments.  However, we are particularly receptive to some pathways more than others.  This is why some healing modalities work for a particular person and some don't.  When a healing modality doesn't seem to be working, it means the body needs to receive the information in a different way for it to be effective, or the body needs to adjust how it tends to receive the information.  Access Your Energy can help with preparing the body to make the most of whatever healing modalities you wish to work with.

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