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 Rates and Payment

STANDARD SESSIONS (online or in person)


First Session ( up to 1.5 hr)    $100




Single Sessions (up to 1hr)       $80


Single sessions (1.5hr)  $100



Special Festival/Expo price is usually $80. See Events page to find next festival/expo.


PACKAGE OPTIONS ( online sessions 1.5hr each):


5 Tune Up Sessions   $450




12 Step Up Sessions  $840

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Information about meal ingredients, superfoods, equipment, suitable recordings or additional supplements provided.

 Payment Terms and Privacy Policy

Deposits are made through Paypal on the website or by other arrangement.  All remaining payments including any extra costs incurred will be made promptly and by arrangement with Aly Learmonth.


Each package contains step-by-step daily practices including supplement suggestions, and tools and techniques to initiate energetic changes in the body.  Also included are weekly brainstorming/feedback sessions, with practices revised each month depending on the healing pathways chosen.  On-going email support is included.


Price list does not include cost of dietary supplements, superfoods, meal ingredients, or detox equipment.  Any recommended extras always remain optional. 


To source regularly recommended dietary supplements please contact AccessYourEnergy to discuss.


All verbalised and written information shared with Aly Learmonth for the purposes of addressing health and wellbeing using AccessYourEnergy pathways remains confidential. 


Client feedback to Aly Learmonth will only be shared on the AccessYourEnergy website and associated facebook page with permission from the client who provided the feedback. 


Any health information or otherwise, gathered from a client remains confidential to the client and AccessYourEnergy, and will be used for the purpose of understanding a health issue and to provide a suggested client course of action only. 


Skype and Email addresses provided to AccessYourEnergy (or LoveMeHealMe11) will be used to provide support and followup in relation to AccessYourEnergy pathways, and may be used to update clients on workshops or new offers.


"AccessYourEnergy" refers to Aly Learmonth and the Pathways described on the AccessYourEnergy website and Love Me Heal Me - Divine Meditations Facebook page and Access Your Energy Facebook page.


"Client" or "Participant" refers to a person who engages with Aly Leamonth for advice about the pathways provided by AccessYourEnergy, and any person who partially or wholly completes a program.


AccessYourEnergy does not attempt to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness, pain or discomfort. 


AccessYourEnergy serves to offer tools, techniques and information that may be used by clients to improve their health and wellbeing.


AccessYourEnergy is in no way responsible for the participants health and wellbeing or any other outcome of partially or wholly completing a program involving the AccessYourEnergy system or associated pathways, nor for the choices made by participants of any AccessYourEnergy programs or pathways.

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