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How to access your Energy!

Updated 10 Nov 2013


Become aware of how you nourish yourself.

You may ask yourself..... "What am I fuelling my body with? Physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually?"



Decide what you want to change, even if you dont know how.


Express your intention like this:

"I choose to find ways to

                  ....enjoy hydrating my body with clean fresh water every day"

                  ....create healthier beliefs about ......".


Become mindful of your habits, so you can consciously change them. Small changes to little daily habits end in awesome results.






The act of celebrating is an energy boost.



More Tips about becoming aware of how your body accesses energy.


Ask yourself: What kind of food and water do you consume?  How much time do you spend walking in bare feet? How often are you surrounded in Wifi? Do you have mercury fillings? Did you get really "pissed off" with anyone lately? Whats the theme of challenges in your life? How sexy do you feel? Why does a certain family member drive you crazy? What beliefs do you have about yourself and the world that make life harder than its mean't to be? Do you believe you can be truly happy and healthy? What are you afraid of if you heal completely?


So then.....Am I ready to make a change today?  Should I wait for another month?  Can I see where I can make some adjustments?


Changes in perspective and commitment can mean we hardly notice habits morphing into more helpful ones, so keep a simple record of where you are at along the way.

"Access Your Energy can provide step by step daily programs, treatments and support....


What could you work on?"

Our bodies access energy to keep fresh and healthy. Our bodies are designed to naturally release, detoxify and transform in every moment.


We do this by using energy from many resources such as food, thoughts, and our surroundings.  So in every moment, our bodies deal with stressors, toxins and trauma. Balancing this use of energy with growth and regeneration is what determines our quality of life.


How do your physical, emotional, and mental energetic exchanges work together?  How do these energy resources affect you?


If you want them to work in synergy then you need to:


1. Get in alignment.

2. Detox.

3. Transform your beliefs.


When our bodies are out of alignment, when toxins block cellular processes, and when the subconscious mind creates limiting behaviour, energy for vibrant health becomes compromised.


But, our bodies ability to heal is amazing when the conditions for healing are re-created. You have the ability to create these conditions.

Aim to re-establish and enhance the ways that your body uses energy. 


"YOU have resources of energy in every cell of your body, and surrounding you in this very instant to make massive and lasting change.  Its a matter of identifying whats working and not working for you, accessing that energy, and using it to change."

Aly Learmonth

You can...

Align your body to support healthy nerve function and hormone levels

Remove buildup of toxins from your body

Clear old trauma that is trapped in your body

Create new improved eating and sleeping habits

Teach your body new ways to process emotion and conflict

Reprogram negative thoughts about yourself

Create lasting noticable change in your circumstances


Access Your Energy offers tools and support to do this and more.

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