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"There is a

powerhouse of energy inside and around your body...'s yours to find and use wisely" 

"I have had a lot of work done on me, but with Aly I was amazed at the sensation in my body, the energy movements were so strong.


Its been 2 days and I can feel improvements occurring in my neck and my stomach, I feel amazing"

Gail L, Picton, NZ

"We worked on my fear of dogs. I felt calm and rational when I next saw two dogs!


My thinking has changed. Its not all-consuming now. My heads in a completely different space!!"

V.M., Glenbrook, NZ

(Distance session)

"I have this improved buzz surrounding me. We worked on giving and receiving love. The warmth is very strong.


I loved the connection with Aly, flipping through the archives, and the moment of us both floating. 10/10. Lets do it again!"

Andrea M, National Park, NZ

"Wonderful session, thankyou!  My stress level went from an 8/10 to zero.


Aly, what you are sharing felt very helpful and shifted alot of stuff. I hope to see you share and develop this further.


I could actually feel the energy coming through you"

Tash A, Ohakune, NZ

"Since my session I feel really light, happy and energized!!"

Vicky C, Queenstown, NZ

(Distance session)


"Aly has spent a large part of her adult life healing and improving herself. 


Through these challenges she has gained a great amount of experience, firsthand, that she is now able to share with others"

Callum L, National Park, NZ


"An uplifting and positive experience despite feeling very emotional. 


We did a huge amount of clearing in relation to my feelings, thoughts and beliefs about major surgery I had 2 years ago, plus the scar and sensations on the surrounding area of my neck. 


I was able to change a lot of my sudden negative reactions when someone touches here, and some of my sensory discomfort in this area"

Rochelle F, Taumarunui, NZ

"There is a world of difference to my inner self and my family after my sessions with Aly.


A weight has lifted and that has improved my relationship with my husband and friendships that surround me.


Alys intuition about my body matched to an amazing dream I had in the last session.  We made a lot of sense of it afterwards. It gave me insight to how I was feeling and what was happening in my body. Thankyou"

Andrea M, National Park, NZ

"I am still relishing in the results of this session.  FANTASTIC!


I have been feeling in a really good space physically, emotionally and mentally. We mainly focussed on my Jaw (TMJ) and releasing my habit of holding stress there. 


My headaches have almost completely disappeared.  My self awareness has heightened and I am so 'conscious' of tensions that I am releasing and relaxing more and more! 


I find myself exchanging a clench for a smile, which has such a wonderful flow on effect to my general wellbeing and happiness. 


A soothing, meditative, and lifechanging experience. Thanks Aly"

Rochelle F, Taumarunui, NZ

"My osteopath was quick to spot the difference.  After my session with Aly, my jaw was back in alignment without slipping out again.  Usually it requires work. My hips improved from being uneven.


As for my heart, amazingly to date the palpitations have disappeared!  The feeling of a lack of energy flowing has gone as well.


I have noticed a definite shift in my digestion, there is an improvement with that too!"

Gail L, Picton, NZ

"Halfway through the treatment there was a big wave of tiredness. It was like we were both floating down through the floor. Apparently I became deeply asleep. 


The  following day I felt really light and alive."

C.L., National Park, NZ

L.A., Oakura, NZ

"I feel free and full of hope.


I liked Aly's gentle spirit and the warm sensations of love surging through my body. 


We both felt the powerful presence of my guides, and I liked hearing about them.



"Amazing.  I liked what she did on my head.


I felt like the messy crashing in my head was gone."

E.A., (Age 10), NZ

"The thing I specifically got out of this session was a feeling of peace within my skin!


I love my skin!!


I am positive that I am making changes to improve my life and relationships.  Feeling at ease with who I am at this time."

Alex B, Auckland, NZ

"I loved it all - especially being tapped while I repeated the affirmations (EFT).


Thankyou. It was interesting that I noticed resistance to some of the affirmations.  But it has turned out to be a great tool. Lets do more!


I am integrating the change, feeling supported, joy.



L.T., Coromandel, NZ

"Its been over 12 months since my heart palpatations disappeared after the treatment.  And they are still gone. 


The alignment of my jaw is also still wonderful."

Gail L, Picton, NZ

"I have been really good...a lot of things have shifted since the session 2 weeks back, but I feel quite balanced in each thing. 


I have been using [what you taught me] in a very real has been amazing! 


Generally I am in an amazing space and exploring has been so long since I had intimacy because of my story with [previous boyfriend] and I feel a new sense of freedom with him gone. So grateful".


L T, Coromandel, NZ

"The thing I liked most about the healing session was the relaxation and clarity of the mind.  Afterwards I felt calm and clear headed."

Andrea M, National Park, NZ

"An amazing experience.  Integrity and communication.  My heart feels filled with light, energetically in alignment again, grounded, and trauma cleared on astral body."   

Will C, Auckland, NZ

"Aly picked up on things very accurately. The words [she used] were apt and insightful. 


My headache and neck pain reduced from 8/10 to 2/10, then zero. 


I got a broader understanding of what I am needing.  Feel calmer, more grounded.


I feel more whole today".

B.A., Raurimu, NZ

"My knee just didn't feel right with a slight click happening each time I bent down. My session time with Aly has now corrected the problem. 


I left the session and felt no stiffness in the knee, but in the ankle instead, and by the next morning all joints had no niggles - they had disappeared!


Thankyou once again!!!  No need for a doctor or medicine....natural healing."

Andrea M., National Park, NZ

"Totally different to previous session!


It was weird that 'you were told' to work with my left hip, as rotating it upwards is just what I needed. This is proof to me that my body wanted to tell you what to do."

Tina F, National Park, NZ

"I feel relaxed, taller, light headed.


Way, way happier.


The thing I liked most was the feeling of safety and total ability to believe in the unknown."

Tina F, National Park, NZ

"Before the session I felt sore.  It was helpful to have someone who is compassionate and understanding.  I became really really relaxed. 10/10"

M.F., Taumarunui, NZ




"I felt empowered to discern what medical interventions were necessary and confident to stand by my decisions. I felt safe and relaxed (as relaxed as any woman can be while giving birth). 


I really feel that working through my fears with you using skype prior to labour helped me to focus more energy into being present with my body.


A very empowering experience that helped me through one of the most challenging times of my life.”

Tash D., National Park, NZ

"Aly has an amazing background and experience with nutrition which supported me throughout my pregnancy.”

Tash D, National Park, NZ

"I felt really comfy.


I liked the fuzzy feeling in my feet."

F.G., (Age 9), NZ

"After my session I feel relaxed and relieved to have been able to identify and release two major blocks related to friendship and money.  I loved letting go of the blocks, feel much lighter."

T.D., National Park, NZ

"I feel soft, centred, radiant.


Aly made me feel held, safe and nurtured as she carried out beautiful healing work - in co-creation with the angels and spirit. Namaste."

Sharron M, Coromandel, NZ

"My grandmother came through with some really special messages for me.


After my session, other people commented on my lightness, open energy and clarity of my eyes."

Justine H, Wellington, NZ

"I feel very happy and excited about something but I don't know what!


I feel really special and healthy, and really fresh and bright?


There were guardian angels flying all around me and I was lying down in a garden full of buddha statues."

R.H., (Age 10), NZ

"I felt the examination of all levels of my wellbeing - it was very thorough and extensive from physical/emotional to belief systems. I feel I have greatly benefitted.


I discovered a loss I experienced as a teenager, and I feel a necessity to reconnect to my own mother land - the country of my origin. This inspiration has given me a new feeling of strength and a greater level of acceptance of my whole self."

Melissa P., Adelaide, Australia

"I feel amazing!  In fact amazing doesn't even cover it, I just can't describe it!


My favourite part was the tapping and feeling really connected and peaceful.  It was very opening and I feel more comfortable in my body.


I felt blessed to be me."

Ruby G., (Age 10), NZ

"Before my session I was in reaction to everyone I was close to. To make a change it had to come from an angel.


Deep shifts have occured, and my connection to ancient Egypt has been confirmed.


My session today has given me a greater connection to my truth."

J.F., Auckland, NZ

"I don't feel the pain so strong as before.


I enjoyed my healing experience today.


Relaxed and I could feel the energy concentrating in the points needing work."

Celia Diaz H., Menorca, Spain

"Aly intuitively senses what needs work and change, and respectfully sets about making changes with the help of your guides.


Today I experienced deep relaxation - a deep trance where I was completely receptive to receiving anytthing needed and could let go of anything no longer required.


Reassurance that I am protected and on the right path. 


I look forward to more being revealed as a result of my session with Aly."

Naomi S., Auckland, NZ

R.H., (Age 10), NZ

"I think my favourite part was when you taught me about the 5 love languages.


I feel much more relaxed than last time.


I am eager to show how much I love my brothers, and help out in the family."

"Aly picked up a lot of accurate facts about my life and experiences.  I could feel Aly working with my energy, there were vibratory sensations in my body and a pleasant lightness where she made contact. 


Deep and profound insights into the nature of my soul and purpose.  A shift in my self regard.  Deeply validating feedback about where I am at on my life path. 


I'm ready to focus and take on new projects."

Gabrielle, Australia

"Very vivid sensation of spinning through light, shedding, floating.


Enveloped in white and blue light. Deep relaxation."

Vanessa R., Wellington, NZ

"The guides bought me a lot of insights and trust/faith to listen to them. My favourite part was asking for guidance.


Hoping that good feeling will stay!"

Veronika E., Waiheke Island, NZ

"Great, much lighter, happier. I felt very connected and tingly.  Hopefully some big changes for my heart!"

Phillipa F., Tauranga, NZ

"Clearing of congested pain in the throat.  Rebalancing and confirmation of use of voice/expression/light language as a self healing tool. 


Some release through the pelvis and movement of energy up the body. Lots of different colours and shapes. 


A vision of huge eyes which seemed to be saying 'Here I am' and 'Here you are.'"

Justine H., Wellington, NZ

"This is possibly the most amazing thing to have happened to me. It's too hard to put into words.


Everything makes sense now.  I feel healed. I feel in my full power, ready.


After Aly mentioned my guides - I saw them! Bluest of blue - so beautiful."

Katie B., Suffolk, England

"Today I experienced clarity, friendship, love, blueness, bliss, alignment.  The knowledge needed to be who I need to be, who I've known I am. 


My connection to nature/sound has been validated."

Katie B., Suffolk, England

"Clarity, deep peace, integration of parts of my soul that were dispersed and fragmented. 


I feel whole again and balanced with a heightened awareness in my physical body.


I could feel my DNA being re-calibrated. A clear light within my mind. 


An understanding of my body/mind connection to my homeland. My spirit is grateful to be home again, inwardly and outwardly!"

Nadine J., Alice Springs, Australia

"Reflection and practical affirmations on moving through my current feeling of stuckness.  


Understanding that trust in myself and trust in the flow and keeping in the flow will lead me to realisation of my full potential.


I gained an understanding of the effect that underlying grief is having on me. 


Subtle feelings of energy. Overall a sense of calmness. A sense of knowing related to all the affirmations."

S.H., Wellington, NZ

"I had two Skype sessions with Aly Learmonth at a very busy and sad time in my life. She brought me back into emotional and physical balance, beautifully. I was carrying grief following the death of a treasured member of my extended family and Aly was able to skilfully bring this to the surface, using her EFT techniques.


She worked in my energy field and restored harmony. Aly explained everything carefully throughout the sessions and sent me a detailed follow up email summarising what had happened and giving me some tools and ideas to take away. She had some excellent nutritional suggestions. This down-to-Earth approach combined with her innate healingwisdom and gifts is an awesome and powerful combination.


Ally has a lovely warm heart and nature and approach to her work. I recommend her as a practitioner of the highest integrity and skill."

Chris W, Wellington, NZ

"Sessions are a great catalyst!

Changes go deeper and feel long lasting.


These sessions are worth so much more!

I'm worth it to attend these sessions!"

Franzi K, Mt Ruapehu, NZ

"It was flowing, funny, and natural.

Thankyou.  FUN!"

Franzi K, Mt Ruapehu, NZ

"Today, 2 days after the session my tummy feels normal and my throat feels better too!


I like it when Aly holds my hand and make me feel secure.  I like it when she moves my head and feet to realign my body and energy flow."

Z. C., Owhango, NZ

"The thing I liked the most was Aly's explanations - easy to understand, loving and caring.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

M.S. Raurimu, NZ

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