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Personalised online programs


is a new way of dealing with pain. It addresses the root causes of pain on a cellular level relating to past physical and emotional trauma.  A personalised program will typically last 4 - 16 weeks and may also include nourishment and detoxing to a level that suits you.

Is your body hurting somewhere?

Are your methods of pain relief not really working?

Are you ready to try something different?


is a tailored system to encourage natural daily detoxification as well as safely accelerating detoxification on deeper levels.  Depending on your needs and commitment, we can progress from a level of just showing up, and then on to health guru status!

Are you wanting to do an easy detox?

Do you want to seriously detox and want support?

Do you need to heal your body from the inside out?

First 5 sessions online     $450

(5 follow-up sessions online $350)

12 sessions online    $840

Each online session is 1- 1.5hr

In person at Festivals/Expo:  

1 hr $80 or 1.5hr $100

"Keep making decisions, and you will keep on moving"


is a fun inspirational program particularly for ladies to support and honour being beautiful, sexy, resilient, and assertive. Particularly helpful for transitional stages of woman-hood, particularly puberty and motherhood. Unlock extra energy reserves in your body and feel amazing!.

Do you feel fit, sexy and happy in your own skin?

Do you want to fall in love with your body once and for all?

Do you want to enjoy abundant health, friends, life experiences?


is support to cope with the mental and emotional challenges of pregnancy and being a new parent. Safely deal with birth trauma, and family patterns that you want to break free from.  Gentle drug free methods that are repeatable once you have learned them.

Are you being challenged with becoming a new parent?

Do you want to learn coping strategies you can do at home?

Do you need to heal your body from a traumatic birth and move on?

Aly's sessions are a great catalyst!

Changes go deep and are long lasting.

I'm worth it to attend these sessions!

Franzi K, Mt Ruapehu, NZ

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