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The Keys of Ishtar

By Aly Learmonth


The Keys of Ishtar are an extensive set of coded light sequences transmitted to me during deep meditation and incredible dreams during 2011.  Although they are called the Keys of Ishtar by me, they may be more accurately referred to as the Ishtaya Sequences and Ishtarshic Resonance (pronounced Izz-TAR-shik).


The pathways offered by Access Your Energy allow for the use of the Keys of Ishtar to locate and facilitates change to the energetic blueprint of the human body to restructure cellular memory (DNA) that has been damaged through unresolved emotional trauma, limiting beliefs and negative patterning.


The Keys of Ishtar are expressed energetically as combinations of light, colour, sound, marks, geometric patterns, movement, pulse, rhythm, and more.  Most of the key patterns expand further than dimension of the 5th density


This means that most of the resonances expressed as sounds do not have an earth-language translation.  Essentially, all are magnetic keys that combine to trigger eachother to create an amplification effect within the electro-magnetic systems of the human body.  Human electromagnetic nature is driven by seen and unseen DNA, particularly in the glands.


The Keys of Ishtar re-link the energy that flows through the human body and realign it to the energy meridians of nature.


The human body acts as a catalyst for this harmonization due to the human bodys unique energetic structure and consciousness within nature.  That is because points on the human body (physical/energetic) and points amongst the energy pathways of nature are energetic intersections that overlay and complement eachother. 


During the process of harmonisation, a human body and soul energy consciously create a strengthened pathway with the nature of earth.  Pulses resonate between the body point and earth points creating realignment and a vibrant grounded connection. This process awakens the human body’s natural healing ability, as it nourishes the greater energetic system of life in its highest expression. 


On a grand scale, the Keys of Ishtar balance Star heritage harmonics with frequencies of Tara Earth heritage harmonics. The elements of nature transmit frequencies that ground the keys, so they balance and complete the circuitry in partnership with the human body.  In doing so, the feminine and masculine pathways/layers currently manifesting on Earth, become more balanced.


Although these resonances originate in a dimension far beyond our solar system, they always contain a base note of Love and/or Gratitude.  In our physical dimension on Earth, the H2O molecule provides the purest expression in physical form of these keys.  That is what makes Earth a place to create change by using the physical manifestation of a conscious humanity.


Treatment Sessions


The Keys of Ishtar are delivered in person, or remotely.  Light codes are communicated through the movement of my hands gently on or near the physical/energetic body, and though sound.  Plant essences and messages from Spirit Guides and the Angelic Realms also support wellbeing using the Keys of Ishtar.


So far, I have used the keys for energy healing of Soul DNA, and also to energise or reconnect light grids on the land in New Zealand. 


Copyright Aly Learmonth 2013

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