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Personal Healing Journey

My healing journey began in rural New Zealand at age 7 with Reflexology, and at age 11 with Vitamin C therapy and extensive homeopathic treatment for 2-4-5T pesticide poisoning.  The toxicity showed as dizziness when my eyes were closed, eczema, and strange bleeding cracks under the front of my feet and toes.


Alternative medicine was often the topic of discussion for my Aunty and my Mum, and I began to take an interest in the fascinating books on my mother's bookshelf.  They talked a lot about the body and its ability to heal.


At primary school I became aware of my heightened intuition, and I loved to learn about nature, anything supernatural or miraculous.  I would pick leaves from native plants to give me energy as I ran, then pick a new one when the energy of the first one was finished.


Alternative medicine helped my feet, but my skin problems would prove to be a longer term challenge.  During my teens, my excema morphed into psoriasis, and I was told this skin condition was incurable.  Lots of life-changing events happened at this time including communication with a Being of Light, having a second Out of Body Experience (OBE), experiencing life-saving intuition during a car accident, and processing sexual assaults.


At university, I felt great shame about my large patches of psoriasis.  Wearing anything that revealed them took mental preparation, and they were sometimes so painful I felt like I was on fire. Using steroid creams, antacids, coal tar creams that gave me terrible body odour, poor diet and alcohol was making it worse. 


Magically, my intuitive ability intensified and was my party trick sometimes. I completed my Environmental Science degree, and my Masters in Earth Sciences, with particular emphasis on how plants can reduce water pollution.


Despite being a bubbly active person, in my 20's and early 30's I struggled with tiredness, menstrual pain, moodiness, and digestive pain.  I needed to shift my deep sense of grief, resentment, and helplessness.  There were some tough times when I would go to bed early with stomach pain, or sleep in the car during my lunch hour so I could make it through some days.


It was working as an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor that gave me some new insight and inspiration.  I was reminded that my conditions improved markedly with being out in nature, doing enough physical activity to create a vigorous appetite, drinking quality water (and spirulina), and processing experiences through group debriefing.  I also began to learn more about mindset and subconscious programming through challenging myself.  My connection with the energy of nature and the young people I taught in the outdoor environment became my teachers.


Dietary changes also improved my wellbeing, and was followed closely by addressing my emotional coping mechanisms, my mental attitide, and my subconscious beliefs and programming. 


During 2 years of overseas travels, I competed Level II Reiki and I realised how much differently I process the world, especially with information I receive about people and our surroundings.  My digestion improved markedly using Aloe Vera, and I began to learn more about nourishment.  Working overseas with young people on Self Development courses offered more insight to the way the brain and body deals with stress. 


Back in NZ, I lectured and tutored students completing Environmental and Marine Science Degrees for 3 years. Once again, Vitamin C therapy (inlcuding hyperbaric intravenous treatment) and homeopathics to help heal my skin.  Also during this time my spirit guides we able to connect with me, and I was guided in using meditation, Shamanism, and The Healing Codes, which bought about a big change in awareness.


The Healing Codes cleared trapped trauma associated with events following the car accident that had occurred to me 15 years prior. It occured painlessly, and the energetic effects on me were profound and miraculous.  Since then, I have discovered other similar equally powerful techniques, and my own versions have emerged.


As my understanding of energy deepened, I completed a certificate in Zen Shiatsu Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology, and Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia (2008).  A powerful experience in the desert of Western Australia with four Beings of Light shaped my understanding of land energy and how our consciousness interacts with it. 


My first child taught me more about digestion and emotions, and my second about feminine energy and mind-heart connection through homebirth.  The decision to vaccinate or not spurred me to really question and research my understanding of the human body once again. My intention to use a peaceful parenting style has also deepened.


In New Zealand in 2011, my intuitive healing abilities took a leap.  This occurred with meditation and Sound and Light therapies, more training in energy medicine, going "organic" and using self hypnosis.  Not only did my chronic psoriasis practically disappear, but other people began seeking me out to help them with all sorts of ailments.  This has been so rewarding, for them and for me!


In recent years, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has played a pivotal role in my life.  I am currently completing a Diploma in Energy Medicine (Forensic Healing), an effective system that fits well with everything I have learned so far.  Detoxing Gerson-style, yoga an meditation, mediumship, channelling and journalling provide a valuable place in my wellbeing now, and I have the clearest skin and better health than ever before.  Overall, reducing the stress on my immune system has been the key. 


I realise how we are inextricably linked to our environment and eachother, and how regeneration requires us to find a deep sense of peace in the body first and foremost.  To do this takes connection, compasssion, preparation, action, honesty and commitment...and celebration :)


I feel like my life is a beautiful adventure movie! There is an excitement of waking up to what life is about....and the true nature of what makes us human on this amazing blue planet.  It is energising experiences like this, that show me I am on the right track of living true to myself.....and being the change I wish to see in the world.


Written by Aly Learmonth

Updated 30 May 2015

Aly Learmonth
Medical Intuitive

Access Your Energy

New Zealand


​MSc(hons), Certified Zen Shiatsu​ Therapist, Certified EFT Practitioner,

Diploma Energy Medicine -Forensic Healing level 5 of 6,

NZ Diploma in Ambulance Practice (Emergency Medical Technician) 

Aly says

"​Through developing my own intuitive healing techniques I bring a unique healing gift to the world in an authentic and powerful way."

'Be the change you wish to see in the world'

Mahatma Gandhi

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