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We all know the way the human body functions is totally incredible! 


For those who seek to understand more, there is a wealth of knowledge from Eastern and Western philosophies and various sciences, explaining the way our bodies function.  Traditional Chinese Medicine through to Quantum Physics all offer explanations, and they all describe the energy of the body. 


Even a basic understanding of the physical body from the Western perspective involves the energy exchanges within cells, particularly the creation of energy by mitochondria by transformation of food into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). 


A deep appreciation for the nature of energy and its exchange on a DNA level (and beyond) is the foundation of many health and wellness programs.


On the whole for most of us, we don't need to know the full details of how energy works in and around the body, and we get on with enjoying life.  And lets face it, with our human comprehension it is not something we can ever fully understand.  However, our functioning on an energetic level through our mental, emotional and physical components is something that needs to be addressed if we realise we are not functioning well, and want that to change.


Having an understanding of where our energy comes from and how it changes within us can help us choose a course of action.  How we take action to heal a serious or chronic health condition depends on our knowledge of how the body works, what we value, and our deepest held beliefs about ourselves and whats humanly possible. 


If we can identify the resources of energy available to us, and use them wisely, we can ensure the energy available to the body is enough to heal.  It is a fairly common understanding that lack of energy in the body, is the root cause of disease.  The wording "lack of energy" is not quite accurate, but rather an attempt to explain an imbalance of energy. 


It is possible to easily observe imbalances of energy on a physical level, indicated by hydration, the quality and quantity of blood, blood sugar levels, and hormone levels for example.  Energy imbalances on other levels are more difficult to quantify or explain, but they are certainly measurable by assessing the way a person feels.


The energy exchanges within and between the mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves are inextricably linked, and therefore must all be adressed if the energy available is to be accessed for health and wellness. 

We are electromagnetic!

Everything is energy!  Vibrating at the rate of atomic energy is sound and light.  Our world is made of particles and waves of this sound and light energy, in patterns with varying frequencies and complex geometries.  Some patterns are vibrating or changing faster than others giving us the illusion of space and matter.  Our physical bodies appear solid, but are in fact 99.99% space. 


Sound and light energy patterns of the human body extend beyond where most people can consciously percieve, and involve endless streaming of information.  These patterns and geometries create electromagnetic fields within us and surrounding us, which connect us to energy systems of eachother and the earth and beyond.  This may be termed Lifeforce, The Forces of Nature, and is also known as Divine Energy.


Our human bodies act like energised intersections, where the energies of our earth and beyond mix and ignite.  Our human bodies are like sparked gateways.  These gateways focus energy to nourish the greater expression of life.  Our human forms tend to exist in what is known as the 3rd to 5th density (or dimensions) which can be described as wavebands of light that have differing frequencies of space and matter compared to other wavebands. 


In our density, the quality of duality exists, allowing for the perception time and location.  As we function in our day to day lives, our consciousness is changing and creating and imprinting our perceived surroundings.  Most of the energy exchanges that are occuring within us, between us, and with our surroundings are beyond our human comprehension.  But they occur with every breath we take, every thought, and every step we take. 


The cells of our bodies are made of atoms and molecules from all over our earth (and galaxy).  We are nourished by oxygen that has entered our lungs and bloodstream, after it is created in the leaves of trees.  Some of the oxygen that is powering you in this moment, will have come from a tree that lived millions of years ago.  Perhaps some of this oxygen was inhaled and exhaled by the lungs of someone close to you only a few minutes ago. 


The fine dust in the wind yesterday also entered your body and has become a building block.  It carries with it the imprints of where it has existed before.  Perhaps this dust comes from a stone on the mountain, and is now in a cell of your fingertip.  Perhaps the water you drank today contained a mineral that was once part of the body of a lion in Africa, having been carried in the environmental systems of nature to you, years later. 


The cells, tissues and organs of our bodies are made of the very environment we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and sense around us.  We are not a separate system from the other systems of nature, even though it may appear that way. 


One of the biggest contributors to our body from our environment is water.  Pure water vibrates at the highest level in physical form.  Its molecule is comprised of two Hydrogen atoms, and one atom of Oxygen. The vibratory rate of a hydrogen atom matches the rate created by the human feeling of Gratitude, while oxygen matches the vibratory rate of Love.  In essence, water has been described as a physical manifestation of 2 parts gratitude, plus 1 part love. 


The dynamic and delicate nature of water molecules means it can resonate to a variety of vibrations, as proven by Dr Masara Emoto.  The physical portion of our bodies, such as blood, cells, tissues and organs is made of up to 97% water, which also resonates to a variety of vibrations.  In physical form, feelings and emotions are comprised partly of water, and can exist as chemical and hormonal combinations.  Like musical notes, together these vibrations form delicate but powerful symphonies.


In any moment in time, our bodies are changing, growing, re-generating, and detoxifying.  Our physical and energetic nature is ever-changing, adjusting, re-creating itself.  These changes occur through our perceived physical form and beyond the physical.  Energy is never lost, only transformed to higher or lower vibrations. This can be demonstrated by waves of the ocean arriving at the beach to wash away a sandcastle.  The sand of the sandcastle remains, but the shape of the sandcastle is transformed. 


The origin of dis-ease in the human body, and also on the earth, relates to a disharmony of  energies.  In this case, a highly nourishing symphony of energy is lacking.  Dis-ease is occuring when some musical notes are "out of tune" or resonating for too long for example.  It is stressors, toxins and trauma that have not been processed or eliminated from the body that interfere with the free flow and nourishment of the energetic systems in the body. 


There is a vast resource of energy available to every cell of our body to release, naturally detoxify and transform our bodies.  However, in our density sometimes the body has forgotten how to access it.  It needs to re-member its own musical score, so to speak. 


When known or unknown stressors, toxins, and trauma consistently upset the life-force pattern (memory) of cells on a DNA level, it is the energy flows creating the human form that need to be re-established.  The resources of energy required to do this come from the cells of the body and from the surrounding environment (an extension of ourselves). 


As humans, our conscious and unconscious need for attachment to form, is what prevents the body from remaining perfectly healthy.  When nourishing energy flows freely and vibrantly, illness cannot exist. 


The human body's energy systems include the immune system, circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system for example, as described by the Western medicine approach. Eastern philosphies such as Traditonal Chinese Medicine describe how energetic systems balance one another within and around the human body too.  Each approach offer insights on ways to influence the energy exchanges of the body for optimum health and wellbeing. 


Copyright Aly Learmonth 2013

Remember who you truly are and what you are capable of.....

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