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The following videos provide tools, techniques and information about how to access more vital energy to trigger the body's innate healing ability.
Remember who you truly are, and what you are capable of.

Gary Craig 

Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) including client testimonials  Published 3 Feb 2012  Source: YouTube

Christie Marie Sheldon

How to change your frequency to change your reality Published 23 Sept 2011  Source: YouTube

Marie Forleo and Todd Herman

5 Steps to change your life and make it stick Published Apr 29 2014  Source: YouTube

Rainbow Warriors

Gravity of Love Published Mar 5 2007 Source: YouTube

Caroline Myss

Why people don't heal Published Dec 10 2013  Source: YouTube

Anthony Robbins

Raise your standards and change your rituals Published Apr 13 2013  Source: YouTube

Abraham Hicks

How to believe that everything works out Published 6 June 2014  Source:  YouTube

Magenta Pixie

The evolution of the soul Published 3 Sept 2008  Source: YouTube


Do it yourself enlightenment Published Sep 3 2011 Source: YouTube

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