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Are you hungry but can't decide what to eat?


Do you want to "go organic" and want help?


Do you suffer from food allergies, pain and bloating?


Did you sleep all night and still wake up groggy?

NourishMe is a yummy personalised healing pathway that addresses digestive health.  Happy gut, happy life!


Objective: Build a robust balance of friendly intestinal flora who will provide you with exceptional nutrition and unlock amazing energy reserves in your body!


Particular focus is given to:

  • daily habits concerning hydration and meals,

  • mental and emotional processing during change,

  • how to prepare foods to create the most nutrition from them

  • addressing cell metabolism with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements

  • improving oral and bowel health.


True nourishment of the body occurs not only from what we eat, but also what we think about ourselves. This package addresses all of the ways we are nourished.


Each 30 day, 60 day and 120 day pathway is designed to suit you, and includes:


  • Free session to check where you are at, what you want to change, and how I can help you (usually 30 min of strategising).


  • Step-by-step daily plans showing ways to be exceptionally nourished, including recipes, articles, research and videos that relate to your situation and intentions.


  • 4, 8 or 16 Treatment sessions with feedback about stressors toxins and traumas that were addressed (1.5hr).


  • Discussion of progress every 7-10 days to receive support and updated suggestions.


  • Q & A support via email.






3 session combo "Start it Up More" $330.00 incl GST


30 day support package "Tune It Up" .....................$700.00

60 day support package "Step It Up"  .....................$1300.00

120 day support package "Ultimate" .....................$2400.00


Package bookings include GST and require a $100 deposit.

Meal ingredients, superfoods, equipment, supplements not included in prices.


"The energetics of our digestive system

ARE the energetics of our immune system!"

First strategy session is FREE



3 session combo "Start it Up More" $260.00

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